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Cinkeda Twinset Bohemia Resin Carving Table Lamp

Cinkeda Twinset Bohemia Resin Carving Table Lamp

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This table lamp draws inspiration from the Bohemian ethnic traditional style. Creatively, it incorporates the traditional style through hand-carved resin work, merging classical elements into a modern design. It features a drum-shaped lampshade, houses a replaceable high-brightness light bulb, and offers adjustable lighting. It's suitable for use in living rooms, studies, and as a bedside lamp in bedrooms, and it seamlessly blends with various interior decorating styles, including farmhouse, rural, modern, vintage, and more.
[Exquisite Twinset Resin Table Lamp] This resin table lamp showcases the Bohemian traditional style through hand-carved resin. The resin lamp base features intricate patterns, while the linen drum-shaped lampshade gives the entire lamp a simple yet upscale appearance. You can place them in living rooms, bedrooms, dorms, dining rooms, offices, studies, and any room that needs decorative lighting with table lamps, creating a more romantic and elegant ambiance indoors.
[Touch-Sensitive 3-Way Adjustment Control] This resin table lamp offers three levels of brightness adjustment (low, medium, high) to cater to your practical needs in various settings. Adjust the brightness by touching any position on the circular metal base. The lamp base is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor for precise control with a simple tap. Compared to traditional switches, it eliminates the need to search for switch buttons, making it more convenient and user-friendly.
[Universal Dual USB Charging Ports] This table lamp is equipped with two 10W fast charging ports, capable of adaptively charging electronic devices such as smartphones, iPads, Kindles, and more, without the need for additional device adapters. Additionally, it allows for simultaneous USB charging whether the lamp is on or off. This lamp helps maintain a tidy desktop, preventing clutter from cable accumulation, and adds convenience to your life.
[Silent Anti-Slip Lamp Base for Enhanced Quietness and Stability] To enhance safety during use, an additional layer of non-slip fabric has been added underneath the base of this lamp. Even if the tabletop is accidentally nudged, it will remain stably in place. Furthermore, when moved or when in contact with the tabletop, it does not generate noise, ensuring quietness at all times.
[Perfect Indoor Decoration] This exquisite table lamp is not only functional but also elegantly designed, effortlessly fitting into various home decor styles such as farmhouse, rural, modern, vintage, and more. It serves not only as an interior decoration but also as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.




Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

11.40 x 11.40 x 22.00 Inches

Warranty information

5-Year Worry-Free Replacement Warranty: If this table lamp experiences any quality issues within 5 years, you can contact the retailer to request a free replacement.
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