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Floral Table Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Dimming & Dual USB Charging Ports

Floral Table Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Dimming & Dual USB Charging Ports

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Product details

The floral table lamp offer a combination of decorative design, functional features such as touch-sensitive dimming and dual built-in USB charging ports, and practical lighting specifications. Overall height is up to 15 inches. With metal base and frame, switch location is at lamp base. Certified by UL.
  1. The lamp features a floral design.
  2. It has a metal base and frame.
  3. The lampshade is in the shape of a fabric cylinder.
The overall height of the lamp is up to 15 inches.
Switch and Controls:
  1. The lamp is equipped with a touch-sensitive dimming switch.
  2. The switch is located at the lamp base.
  3. It supports multiple levels of brightness adjustment.
Charging Ports:
  1. The lamp comes with dual built-in USB charging ports.
  2. These ports can be used to charge USB devices, such as smartphones or tablets.
Lighting Specifications:
  1. The lamp supports a maximum wattage of 25 watts.
  2. It provides a brightness of 800 lumens.
  3. The color temperature of the light is 2700 Kelvin (K), which corresponds to a warm white light.
Bulb Information:
  1. The lamp uses a bulb with an E26 base.
  2. The rated bulb life is up to 25,000 hours, indicating its long-lasting nature.
Light Direction:
  1. The light direction is upward, which means the lamp is likely to provide ambient or indirect lighting.
  1. The lamp is certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), which is a widely recognized safety certification organization.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

5.50 x 5.50 x 15.00 Inches

Warranty information

1 year warranty
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