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Pendant Lamps with Crafting Captivating Rattan Frame & Dimmable Switch

Pendant Lamps with Crafting Captivating Rattan Frame & Dimmable Switch

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The exquisite pendant lamp crafted from organic rattan, seamlessly combining nature's beauty with functional design. Experience height customization to perfectly complement your space, and revel in the convenience of an included bulb. Effortless installation awaits, made even more versatile by its adaptability to sloped ceilings. Embrace ambiance control with an optional dimmable switch. The lamp graciously suspends up to 12 inches, granting a touch of elegance. The power cord, enveloped in robust cotton, ensures both safety and style. From grand halls to cozy bedrooms, this lamp is an ideal fit for your living, dining, reading, and resting sanctuaries."
  • Versatile Brilliance: From the heart of your home to the corners of your creativity, this pendant light with a rattan flourish and a convenient plug-in cord finds its place. Whether it's above the kitchen island, within the dining room's warmth, amidst the living room's comfort, or even gracing the bedroom's tranquility, it weaves its radiance. Entryways and hallways welcome its glow, while offices, restaurants, cafes, and bars bask in its inviting charm. Your space becomes its canvas, effortlessly painting ambience wherever it's hung.
  • Elegantly Adjustable: Illuminate your desires with our plug-in pendant light, now featuring an ingeniously seamless stepless dimming switch. Effortlessly glide between luminous intensity, from the softest glow at 0% to a brilliant radiance at 100%, all with a simple turn of the switch. This hanging light marvel arrives with a 15 ft long robust double-core cord, transparent and resilient. It gracefully accommodates your artistic installations, bending and folding to your will without a whisper of damage. Every occasion finds its perfect glow.
  • Effortless Plug & Play Installation: Experience the simplicity of adorning your space with the swag lamp, where installation becomes a satisfying solo endeavor. Craft your desired wire length, securing it with the grace of two swag hooks upon your chosen canvas, be it wall or ceiling. As the bulb finds its place, the power cord gracefully plugs in, and like magic, your room bathes in the gentle embrace of seamless illumination, effortlessly brought to life.
  • Perfect Selection for Diverse Settings: Elevate your ambiance with the plug-in ceiling lights, tailored perfectly for a myriad of settings. Illuminate your dreams with bedroom radiance, dine beneath its captivating glow at the table, infuse your bar area with its inviting charm, and let your hallway come alive with its welcoming illumination. Wherever it graces, a touch of enchantment follows, infusing vibrancy and delight into every facet of your life.
  • Certified by UL: Rest assured in the quality and safety of the pendant light, as it holds the esteemed UL certification. This mark of approval guarantees that the lamp meets stringent safety and performance standards, ensuring your peace of mind as you enjoy its radiant glow.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.00 x 12.00 x 12.00 Inches
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