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Twinset Table Lamps with Touch-sensitive Switch & Pair of USB Ports & Type-A Socket

Twinset Table Lamps with Touch-sensitive Switch & Pair of USB Ports & Type-A Socket

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The table lamp TD-158 has three-dimensional parallelogram lampshade design eliminates the hassle of manual assembly, ensuring swift installation right out of the packaging. Enhance your space effortlessly with touch-sensitive three-segment light adjustment, fitting to various brightness needs. Whether it's your living room, bedside, office, cafes, hotels, or apartments, our table lamps TD-158 perfectly complement any setting.
  • Featuring advanced built-in sensitive sensors, these table lamps empower you to effortlessly adjust between 3 levels of brightness with just a simple tap on the base. From a soothing low-level perfect for restful nights to a versatile mid-level for daily tasks, and a focused high-level illumination for reading, studying, or working, these lamps offer exceptional adaptability. Say goodbye to fumbling for switches in the dark – these lamps are your ideal companions for nightstands, bedrooms, and living rooms, offering both convenience and ambiance.
  • Elevate Your Convenience with the Bedside Table Lamp that Features 2 USB Ports(5V/2.1A) and 1 AC Outlet(120V)! Enjoy seamless charging for your mobile phones, Kindles, watches, laptops, and various devices, with the added benefit that the USB ports and AC outlet remain accessible whether the lamp is on or off, as long as it's plugged in. This ingenious design helps streamline your space by reducing the need for extra power cubes or sockets, ensuring a clutter-free and organized end table.
  • Effortless Illumination with Included E26 LED Bulb (60W Incandescent Bulb Equivalent)! No more hassle in searching for the right light bulb, as we've thoughtfully provided one in the package. Experience the advantages of a flicker-free, dazzle-free, and energy-efficient light source that emits minimal heat. Achieve the perfect balance of brightness for a snug and inviting ambiance that lets you unwind comfortably in your space, enveloped in a warm and soothing glow.
  • The premium linen lampshade features built-in insulation to minimize potential eye strain caused by harsh lighting. This thoughtful design diffuses light gently, creating an even and comforting radiance that bathes your surroundings in a soothing glow. Elevate your bedroom's atmosphere with a delicate ambiance that prevents eye fatigue and sets a gentle mood. With its appealing aesthetics and functional benefits, this table lamp becomes an exceptional gift option, embodying both style and practicality, perfect for gifting to your loved ones.
  • Certified Safety: Rest easy knowing that every component of this table lamp – from the cord to the plug, socket, and USB port – holds UL certification, a nationally recognized standard of safety. This meticulous attention to safety ensures that your lamp not only illuminates your space but does so with the utmost protection. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a lamp that prioritizes your safety, making it a reliable addition to your home.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.00 x 4.72 x 23.50 Inches

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1 year warranty
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