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Vintage Hanging Light Artistic Patterned Pendant Lights with Dimming Switch

Vintage Hanging Light Artistic Patterned Pendant Lights with Dimming Switch

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Illuminate your living spaces effortlessly with our Plug-In Pendant Light. This hanging light comes with a convenient plug-in cord featuring a dimmable switch, ensuring easy control of lighting levels. With a generous 15 ft hanging cord, you can position the light exactly where you want it. Ideal for bedrooms, kitchen islands, and living rooms, this pendant light fixture comes with a bulb included, so you can enjoy instant illumination. It's also designed to work seamlessly with sloped ceilings, making it a versatile choice for any environment. Upgrade your lighting with this stylish and functional pendant light.
  1. Adjustable Brightness Pendant Light: Enjoy customized lighting with our dimmable plug-in hanging light. The step-less dimming switch allows you to effortlessly set the brightness anywhere from 0% to 100%. Accompanied by a 15 ft durable, double-core cord, this hanging light fixture offers both flexibility and resilience. Whether folded or bent, the transparent cord remains unharmed, catering to your installation needs across various occasions.
  2. Distinctive Romanesque Aesthetics: Our pendant light boasts a one-of-a-kind Romanesque print shade, seamlessly blending an Eiffel Tower motif into your living space. Elevate your home decor with a touch of medieval-inspired style. The Romanesque lampshade serves to gently diffuse the light, creating a comfortable and natural illumination free from flickering or glare. This contemporary plug-in chandelier is a perfect fit for spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, children's rooms, and studies, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance.
  3. Efficient 9W LED Lighting: Our plug-in hanging light includes an 800-lumen, 2700K LED bulb along with 2 contemporary swag hooks. This setup not only saves you $10 by eliminating the need for additional purchases, but also enables you to embark on your lighting experience right away—unlike other fabric pendant lamps. Furthermore, the pendant lamp adheres to the American standard E26 base and holds UL certification. It accommodates a variety of bulb types, including incandescent (up to 60W), LED (up to 13W), CFLs (up to 13W), and halogen lamps (up to 43W).
  4. Simple Installation Process: Our plug-in pendant lighting with cord arrives with comprehensive installation instructions and all necessary accessories (Dowel, Swag Hook, Screw) included. You can set up your lighting solution effortlessly, without the need for any hardwire installation.
  5. Certified by UL: Rest assured in the quality and safety of the pendant light, as it holds the esteemed UL certification. This mark of approval guarantees that the lamp meets stringent safety and performance standards, ensuring your peace of mind as you enjoy its radiant glow.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

9.50 x 9.50 x 7.20 Inches

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1 year warranty
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